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ABOUT RIDE PERSonal management
Ride Personal Management is a talent agency with drive – specialising in theatre, film and television, dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards for it's clients.
About us

Who we are

Founded by Stuart Dawes – Ride Personal Management (RPM) is an agency guiding and developing the careers of respected individuals looking for success.

How we help you

Our values

We believe in being honest and transparent to our clients and partners. We don’t want to manage a client’s career, we want to be a partner; there for the highs and the lows, sharing the pain and help creating the opportunity for the glory.

Image of client Scarlet Gabriel in Mamma Mia The Party!


Client news

Edel Pace

December 21, 2023

Edel is currently lead vocalist onboard Virgin Cruises

Emily Bowes

December 21, 2023

Emily recently filmed in the Wonka film

Xenia Garden

December 21, 2023

Xenia will be touring with The Selfish Giant playing the role of Rose

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